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“Extremely happy, great job Dale and DCP Tree Service. They arrived at 0930 and the 4 story pine tree was down by 5:30pm. Dale methodically with careful cuts brought our evergreen down, limb by limb, branch by branch, and pieces by pieces. Would use again, good job DCP.”

Charles Aponte - 03/22/2014

“DCP used a 45 ton crane to remove an 80 foot oak tree from my back yard. His crew was professional, and they did an outstanding job. A+++ tree service! Highly recommended.”

Daniel Eubank - 04/06/2011

“Dale and his team did a great job in cutting down my 70 foot Oak tree as well as trimming dead limbs off of other trees and cleaned up all debris. A professional job at a good price. I would recommend them to a friend. ”

Rob-OZ - 04/07/2015

“If you need tree service, please call DCP. They took a dead tree down so quickly and cleaned up after so well I barely noticed they were ever there. They even had to remove a fence and put it back exactly the way it was. DCP is the best there is.”

Sara Callahan - 04/29/2015

“We have used Dale for many years for both tree trimming and removals, and have always found his work to be excellent and done promptly. His work is both very professional, and reasonably priced. Outstanding workmanship!”

HB - 06/25/2015

“I recenty hired DCP tree service to remove a large red oak and a average sized chestnut oak.Boths trees were felled without issue.My home,shed and septic fields are intact and the backyard is clean.I am pleased.”

Ron Willis - 10/15/2015

“I have used Dale for many years and he always does a great job. This last time he took down to two large trees that could have fallen on the house, but in watching he knows what he is doing. Those trees fell just where he wanted them to,he is an out standing tree cutter.Highly recommend A+++++”

Chris - 04/29/2016

“I called Dale for an estimate to remove 7 large trees - 18 to 24 inches in diameter- from my property. He was reasonably priced and we promptly set up and appointment. He and hiscrew arrived on time, quickly removed the 5 Maples, Gum and Pine tree. They cleaned up all debris before they left. Only the grass now receiving sun can tell there were ever trees there!! ”

Myndi H - 04/15/2016

“dale and his crew did a great job on short notice. they are professional and courteous as well. thanks guys. fg”

Franklin Guerrero - 05/26/2016

“Reasonable price and excellent work! Dale and the guys were very thorough and careful with safety first in mind. The worked tirelessly cutting a 40 ft poplar tree without damaging the fence and the nearby houses. They cleaned the site after the completion of the job. Thank you for a job well done! I highly recommend using DCP Tree Services! ”

Fidel Carreon - 08/03/2016

“I wish I could post pictures of the work these guys did. They arrived at 10 AM and had two trees down and the wood stacked as requested by 12:30 PM and left the place cleaner than they found it. One of the trees was in front of our shed door and they downed it and ground down the stump to where you can't even tell it existed. We can finally get into our shed easily! The other tree had a dead core and was overhanging the house and now we have no more worries from that one. I want to thank Dale and his team so much for doing something that I am not anywhere near qualified to do. If you ever need a good tree service, count on DCP!”

Mark Bowker - 03/08/2017

“Dale and his crew were professional and took great care not to damage a power line next to the tree. I will recommend DCP to all my friends”

Phil L - 04/03/2017

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